Phone lines are open 7:30AM to 6PM daily
Tours are available between 8AM and 5PM daily
Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Tours run on bookings only. Please call or email for a reservation.
Same day bookings are possible but are subject to availability. Please call to book
Reception at base opens for tours only.

We operate a small business. Please submit a booking request form to ensure we are able to accommodate you.
Once verified, a booking confirmation will be generated and emailed to you with a reference number to confirm your tour.

There is no cancellation policy. If you have a booking with us, please let us know if you change your mind so we can offer the tour to someone else. Thank you.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover). We also accept cash payments in USD and XCD (local currency)

Drivers must be 16 and older. Drivers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must have either car or ATV driving experience.
Passengers must be 6 and older.
Participants on walking tours must be 6 and older.

All guests are required to sign a waiver and attend a safety briefing with equipment orientation (ATV tours only). It does not take long and will be done and dusted before you know it so we can have fun! We promise.

We care about you and so for your safety all participants must be in good health. Anyone with heart, back, neck or respiratory problems, as well as pregnant women are not permitted to participate.

The use of alcohol and drugs is not allowed during our tours. Any guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in our tours.

Smoking cigarettes is permitted in some areas. Please ask a representative for information upon arrival

We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled tour so we can check you in and start your tour on time

Tour times are for the tours only and do not take into account transfers to our site:
Walk 1 hr
Hike 3.5-4 hours
Farm Tour 2 hours
Forest and Farm Tour 3.5 hours

Add the following time for transfers
Castries: Cruise ships and Hotels - add 1 hour each way
Rodney Bay - add 75 minutes each way
Vieux Fort - add 20 minutes each way
Soufriere - add 1 hour each way

There is a restroom available on site.
There is also an outdoor pipe for washing off any mud on your legs.
Our site is not built to accommodate wheel chairs at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Once you arrive at our site at Fond Estate, it feels like you are entering a different world. Your tour is conducted on private property. Occasionally we will meet farm employees maintaining fields, repairing structures, planting or harvesting but for the most part the tracks are clear and peaceful. Keep an eye out for a mongoose dashing across the road… He is small, cocoa brown in colour, fuzzy and fast!

Our reception area is not wheelchair accessible. Please email or call with more specific questions. We will do our best to assist.

Camera, cell phone, Go - Pro
Sunscreen - it can get a little toasty when we are on the farm
Sunglasses - you can wear your own sunglasses or glasses instead of our super cool looking safety specs
Clothing - Wear something comfortable. Shorts and t-shirt are fine. Bring a change of clothes in case the heavens open. Some tropical rain showers are short and unpredictable and can make tracks muddy.
Shoes - Closed toe shoes are best as there is moderate walking on all tours. Sandals are okay on the ATV tours. Sturdy hiking shoes for the plantation hike. Running/tennis shoes are suitable on the walk
Bags - small backpacks and cross shoulder bags are fine. We can fit some bags on the ATV, but we recommend carrying cell phones on your person as the vibration from the bike on the stone track can cause damage to your belongings. Larger items and luggage can be locked away for the duration of the tour.
ATV Paradise Tours Ltd is not responsible for loss or damage of your property during our tours.

What about it? It's free! Oh, right. Yes your legs can get a little muddy on tour. Don't worry we have a tap where you can clean up at base.

The mango season is usually between May and September. The weather can affect the season, either lengthen or shorten it. Feel free to contact us for details.

Make it a fun day out on the east coast. Visit Latille Waterfalls in Micoud to relax (10 mins away), Zip Line at Tree Top Adventures in Dennery (15 mins away), horse ride at Atlantic Shores in Vieux Fort (15 mins away), or grab a meal at Fox Grove Inn in Mon Repos (5 minutes away). There is plenty to do in the area. Feel free to ask us for more suggestions.

ATV related FAQ

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. It is referred to as a quad, quad bike or four-wheeler in some countries. This is an open mode of transport and so guests are exposed to the elements while operating.

No license is required for participation as we never venture onto the public road system. All of our tracks and trails are on private farm land. Participants under the age of 18 do require driving experience and parent/guardian consent to proceed on a tour as a driver.

We use automatic Polaris ATVs which are very easy to operate. 75% of our clients have never driven an ATV before participating in our tours and absolutely enjoy themselves. Your guide will brief you about driving at the start of the tour.

Two individuals can share an ATV provided their combined weight is within the weight restrictions.

Yes, the maximum single or combined weight on an ATV is 350 lbs OR 160 kg OR 25 st.

Yes, helmets and eye protection are provided and must be worn when the ATV is in motion.

We offer acre tours, not racing tours. We use the ATVs to navigate the plantation. Bike tricks and overtaking are not allowed on the tour for your safety and the safety of other participants. Guests will follow the pace and instructions set by the tour guide. Non compliance will result in the tour being cancelled.

Yes they do. It is common for short rain showers to fall during the day. A little rain makes some mud and, if you ask us, that only adds to the adventure. There is a chance that you can get wet and muddy during our tours, so we recommend bringing a change of clothes with you. This can be kept warm and dry at base until your return. If there is torrential rain, tours can be cancelled and rescheduled where possible. It is a small island, but the weather can vary considerably from place to place and can clear up quickly, so feel free to call us if you have any concerns. We will not run tours if there is a storm approaching, high winds or lightning.